For the safety and awareness of the general public, the Kentucky State Fair has put in place a number of event policies. These policies will be modified and changed in order to best serve the guests of the Kentucky State Fair.

Admission Policy

Attendees in violation of admission conditions are subject to enforcement action from State Police and or removal from the fair. The safety of everyone at our event is our top priority.

Admission to the Fair ends one hour before the outdoor closing time each day except for Thursdays-Saturdays when admission ends at 10 p.m.

Minor Attendance Policy

Effective Monday-Thursday after 6 p.m. and Friday-Sunday all day, fairgoers under 18 years old entering the fair must be accompanied by a chaperone 21 years of age or older. Proof of age is required. IDs will be verified at the gate.

Each adult can only chaperone 6 minors at a time. Groups larger than 6 individuals under the age of 18 will require an additional chaperone for every 6 minors.

I.D. checks are conducted and required at the entrance gates before entering the Fairgrounds. Anyone who violates or attempts to bypass entrances where security checkpoints are in place has committed a Criminal Trespassing II offense which is subject to prosecution.

Chaperones are required to remain at the Fair if they are bringing minors. Any adult who drops off minors (even if their own admission fees are paid), are in direct violation of the policy. To further clarify, the chaperone does not need to accompany the entire party for the entire time.

Any and all misbehaving minors will be taken to the Lost Children Center to be reunited with their parent, guardian or chaperone. Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal from the property.

Kentucky State Fair considers chaperones as a parent, guardian, or other supervising adult age 21 or over with a valid ID, including a photograph and date of birth.

Valid types of identification include driver's license, non-driver ID card, passport, visa or military ID.

Organized and ticketed group outings, such as school, church, corporate, summer camp, sports, and other pre-scheduled group visits are exempt from the policy as these groups have established chaperone policies and practices already in place.

Prohibited Items

Several items are expressly prohibited at the Kentucky State Fair. The Fair reserves the right to alter the prohibited items list at any time.

Conveyances - The use of bicycles beyond designated corrals at entrance gates, the possession or use of Segways/hoverboards, skateboards, kick scooters, unauthorized golf carts, and ATVs. Golf carts and ATVs must be permitted by the Kentucky State Fair and operated by an individual with a valid state driver’s license. Golf Carts can only operate in permitted areas within designated times. View the map here.

Outside Food and Beverage – Coolers, glass bottles, and containers are not permitted on the grounds. Outside alcohol is prohibited by Kentucky Alcohol Beverage Control Regulation.

Weapons – Weapons not compliant with Kentucky State and Federal law are prohibited.

Aerial Drones – The unauthorized use of aerial drones are prohibited and subject to FAA enforcement due to airport proximity.

Fireworks, Laser Pointers, and Alarming Devices – All unauthorized fireworks, laser pointers, and alarming devices are prohibited.

Sound Amplifiers­ – Unauthorized use of Sound amplification devices is prohibited per KAR 1:100 (6).

Unauthorized Trailer Drops – Trailers must only be dropped at an authorized location designated by Fair management.

Overnight Parking – Parking overnight outside of designated RV camping is prohibited.